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MES –A new digital technology for production to improve our efficiency

Time : 2023-08-01 Hits : 21

    we are very happy to announce that on August 1, 2023, our company has successfully run the latest MES system to improve our production efficiency.


    MES is the execution layer between the planning layer and the field automation system, mainly responsible for workshop production management and scheduling execution. A well-designed MES system can integrate management functions such as production scheduling, product tracking, quality control, equipment fault analysis, network reporting, etc. on a unified platform, using a unified database and network connection to provide workshop management information services for production departments, quality inspection departments, process departments, logistics departments, etc. at the same time. The system helps enterprises implement complete closed-loop production by emphasizing the overall optimization of the manufacturing process, and assists enterprises in establishing an integrated and real-time ERP/MES/SFC information system.


    With the help of this technology, we can break through the wall between customers and workshop production, communicate through ERP, not only our customers can understand the production progress and efficiency of the products in the first time, but also adjust the production strategy in time to improve the production efficiency.

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