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March 14,2024

In the global world of plumbing and piping, two fittings  popular Proflex Fittings F1807 and F2159. These fittings may look comparable, nonetheless they have their own faculties  unique first look. Read on to discover more about the difference between F1807 and F2159, including their advantages, safety, use, how to use, service, quality, and application.


The F1807 ppr fitting is famous for their ease of installation. This fitting has a ring which was crimp can be used with tools  commonly available. The f2159 fitting uses an expansion ring, which requires a special tool to install on the more hand. However, while the F2159 fitting may require a bit more work to install, it offers a more connection and secure  leak-free.

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The F1807 fitting is around for several years and happens to be a option that has been plumbers  reliable contractors. The pex fittings and F2159 fitting, however, try a newer technology  popularity  increasingly gaining. This fitting is made to be more dependable and durable, with expansion rings that can withstand the ramifications of temperature and pressure changes.


Both F1807 and F2159 fittings are designed to feel reliable and safe. However, the F2159 fitting is specially known for its safety features. This has a design that was tamper-resistant means that the fitting cannot be disengaged accidentally or intentionally. Additionally, the F2159 fitting has an indicator  artistic shows when the fitting is fully installed, providing an extra layer of safety.


The F1807 fitting is much more commonly used for residential plumbing jobs, such as for example in homes and apartments. It had been also used for hydronic heating systems, because it allows for best water flow. The F2159 fitting is oftentimes used for commercial plumbing jobs, such as in workplace buildings and hotels. This try because it can handle higher pressures and temperatures.

How to Use?

Both F1807 and F2159 fittings require planning before use. A crimping tool is used to compress a metal organization  musical the pipe and fitting, creating a tight seal for f1807 fittings. An expansion tool was used to stretch the pipe, allowing the fitting to be inserted for f2159 fittings. The expansion tool will be used again to retract the pipe, compressing the fitting onto the pipe and creating a seal  strong.


Both F1807 and F2159 press fittings require minimal repair and are designed to last for many years. However, if a needs  fitting be replaced, it really is not at all hard to do this. Simply remove the fitting  older install a new one.



The choice between F1807 and F2159 fittings depends on the application  specific. F1807 fittings are perfect for residential plumbing jobs, while F2159 fittings are better suited for commercial plumbing jobs. Factors such as for instance temperature, pressure, and water flow also needs to be looked at once choosing the fitting  best for the job.

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